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About Us

The Wellness Center was developed to help improve the health and quality of life for our community through the efforts of the CRMC Foundation fundraising committee. We offer a multitude of classes and personal trainers to customize a program to achieve your desired health goals. There are a variety of membership plans, with many corporations offering large discounts for membership.

Meet the Staff

Danny McCarty

In 2005, I joined Coffee Regional to open the CRMC Wellness Center and Cardiac Rehab program. However, my career started at the YMCA in Valdosta, Georgia while attending Valdosta State University earning a degree in Exercise Physiology. Although, I guess you could say my interest in fitness started years before as an overweight teen.  Since then, I have worked in several YMCAs, Wellness Centers, and Cardiopulmonary Rehabs. Over the years, I have held certifications in Weight Management, Group Fitness, Personal Training, Yoga, Kickboxing, Tabata Bootcamps, among other corporate wellness certifications. My passion has been to help those who are overweight and have had health problems, while watching them overcome many obstacles. I truly believe that their success is my success. I am happily married with three awesome children.  Some of my hobbies include fishing, art, design, building, and running. Some of my completed bucket list includes a Jacksonville Banks Marathon, six half marathons, two Tough Mudders, and two Savage Races. 

Vashti Werntz

I completed my Associate Degree in Nursing at South Georgia College and became a registered nurse in 2010. In 2013, I started working at the Wellness Center as the nurse for the cardiac rehab program. Danny talked to me about starting to teach SilverSneakers the following year. Since then, I have been working as a wellness coach and a group fitness instructor. I currently teach SilverSneakers®, Fusion 45, and Fit-X. Since working at the Wellness Center, I have improved my health and fitness. I have also completed a Tough Mudder and a half marathon. Thought these were not necessarily on my bucket list, I am very proud of both of these accomplishments. I have also signed up for other races and events to comp

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