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How does it work?

Step 1 - Start at Kiosk

After being setup on Activelinxx by a staff member, you can workout with the system whenever you want. You start your workout with your virtual trainer by signing in to your account at the kiosk (in the image to the left) located on the right side of the gym towards the back. You sign-in to your account with the five digit Fitlinxx ID. Once you sign-in, you can hit express start and proceed to the first machine. 

Step Two - Log into each machine

At each machine, you will see the screen shown here to the left. To get started, type in your five digit Fitlinxx ID. Once you type in your number, you can hit start on the next screen to get started or to adjust your settings on the machine. 

This screen shows your settings for the machine. This information is shown in the box that the red arrow is pointing to. You can also adjust the amount of weight you want the machine to record on each set by clicking on the weight button shown by the yellow arrow in the photo.

This screen allows you to change the amount of weight recorded for each set. You can click the "+Full Plate" button to add 20 pounds or click the "-Full Plate" to take 20 pounds off. The partial plates add or subtract 5 pounds at a time to your weight when you click them.

This screen is what Activelinxx will look like while you are completing a set. In order for the machine to count a rep as complete, you must make the orange bar on the screen go all the way from 0% to 100% on the Range of Motion scale. The red arrow on the image to the right shows you what you should be looking for. 

After you complete a set or pause working out, the machine will switch to the screen to the left. At this screen, you can proceed to the next set or if you want to redo a set you can clear the previous set. You can also change the amount of weight for the next set by clicking the "weight" button on the bottom of the screen. 

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