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We offer two components of our Cardiac Rehabilitation Program:

Phase II: Cardiac Rehab

Phase III: Wellness


Phase II includes monitored sessions and are for those patients who have been recently discharged from the hospital following an

acute cardiac event. Patients are closely supervised with continuous

EKG monitoring through the LSI telemetry system, allowing staff to 

record any abnormal EKG changes. Weight, heart rate, blood

pressure, and oxygen saturation levels will be monitored before,

during, and after. Cardiac Rehab meets Monday, Wednesday, and

Friday. Each patient participates in 12-36 one hour sessions. Phase

II is covered by Medicare and most insurers.

Phase III – Wellness is a self-monitored maintenance program. All patients will be given a fitness evaluation. Patients

will have access to all cardiovascular and strength training equipment, SilverSneakers® classes, and the Activelinxx Program. Staff are always present during cardiac rehab hours should a problem arise.

Activelinxx is a computerized personal trainer that helps the patient focus on their personal health goals following

Phase II Cardiac Rehab. It is personalized to keep up with each patient’s activities, sets, repetitions, and weights

at The Wellness Center or at home. Activelinxx also provides the trainer with the information needed to manage patients and their progress.

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